Ep 49 | Jen Henson

Episode 49 | Jen Henson

Episode 49

Jen Henson

Jen Henson ( a.k.a “The GOAL DIGGER”) is a nationally sought after test prep expert specializing in the ACT test. Jen, who was an Ohio Teacher of the Year in 2014, holds a Master of Education degree with a Bachelor’s in English from Xavier University where she competed as a division 1 varsity tennis player.  For more than 2 decades, she has been a decorated teacher and ACT prep coach. Today, she speaks to educators, parents, and students and has an army of teachers trained to assist her requests for tutorials. Her former ACT students now attend notable higher learning institutions, including Notre Dame, The Ohio State University, Texas A&M, The Naval Academy, Dartmouth, Columbia, Miami University, and the University of Kentucky — among others.

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