Ep 48 | Rick Ramirez

Episode 48 | Rick Ramirez

Episode 48

Rick Ramirez

Born in El Paso, Texas, Rick Ramirez was raised without his biological father along with his 6 siblings in the projects while on every government assistance program available. Following high school, Rick joined the Marine Corps where he realized he wanted to be a teacher. He's a graduate from The University of Texas at El Paso, with a BA in history and education and a Master's in Educational Leadership and has received his principal's certification. In addition to teaching, Rick is a 3x Golden Glove champion and current trainer. Rick also started a non-profit organization designed to give back to the neighborhood he grew up in and still live in. Recently, he has been giving speeches to 7-12 graders for 1 1/2 years now as an aspiring educational consultant and youth speaker.

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Website | rickramirezspeaks.com
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