Ep 50 | Travis Niemeyer

Episode 50 | Travis Niemeyer

Episode 50

Travis Niemeyer

Travis Niemeyer was a collegiate athlete in springboard diving. After a couple years at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, he took time off college to be with his family, but didn't quit training. He eventually returned to college at the University of Nebraska to complete his degree in Elementary Education. During that time, he was a member of 7 National Teams, representing the USA around the world and competing for an Olympic birth at the Olympic Diving Trials. And when one journey ended, another began in teaching. After getting married and moving to Billings, Montana, Mr. Niemeyer started teaching 1st grade, then moved to 5th, and finally 6th grade. In 2006, he was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math Teaching by President George W. Bush and the National Science Foundation in Washington DC. After 11 years teaching, he turned to the principalship to extend his impact with children. He is currently in his 8th year as a K-5 principal.

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