Ep 47 | Mr. Chastain & Ms. Dennis

Episode 47 | Jacob Chastain & Kecia Davis

Episode 47

Jacob Chastain
& Kecia Davis

The Dynamic Duo of Teaching: Jacob Chastain and Kecia Dennis

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Jacob Chastain is the creator and host of the Teach Me, Teacher Podcast, and a Literacy Coach 6-8th / 7th ELA Teacher. Jacob sees himself as a professional teacher affirmer and explorer of all things education. His memoir about how teachers changed his life and how he uses those lessons in his teaching today can be found in his book coming out later this year.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @jacobchastain_
Facebook: /teachmeteache
Instagram: @teachmeteacherhost

Kecia Dennis is a 10 year veteran teacher, set on teaching students not only valuable English skills, but how to change the world around them. She currently teaches at Richland Middle School. She's a mom of two exceptional daughters and a complete “word nerd.”

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @readennis2read