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Hal Bowman  has dedicated his life to helping great teachers and schools become even better. After 20 years in the classroom, Hal has spent the last decade on the road working, studying, and consulting with the very best educators and school leaders across the nation. As a result of his efforts, Hal has uncovered a set of effective, powerful strategies that drive students, teachers, and school leaders to perform at their very highest levels. As on one of the most exciting speakers in education today, Hal shares his message with tens of thousands of educators and students every year.

Hal Bowman’s Be The One is creating a firestorm of excitement for schools across the nation. These high-energy, 1-day events - that take place on campus during a regular instructional day - are providing schools with everything they need to revolutionize campus culture. Learn about customizing an event for your school!

Teach Like A Rock Star is a fun and inspiring professional development event for teachers. Research-based and results-driven, it provides educators with the most powerful tools, strategies, and resources available for creating an extraordinary learning environment. Keynotes, half-day, and full-day events are available.


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Cheering Fans

Michelle_M"I just returned to northern Indiana from your Nashville conference! Wow, I am so excited to go to work tomorrow. Two of our teachers came to your Indy conference this year and 8 of us (front row today) had to come see what we missed. You have had such an impact on our school, as a result of the first two teachers coming to see you! We adjusted some of our discipline practices and are focusing on social connections with our students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for student success.”

Allison_Hope"Hal, I just wanted to personally THANK you for your presentation today. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! You were inspiring, motivating, captivating, and so on! What a blessing! I told my principal today upon returning to school how awesome you were and how much the teachers from our school (Auburndale High School Bloodhounds) enjoyed the day! Thank you again, you made a profound impact on my teaching career, and I give YOU a loud, exuberant standing ovation!! :)”

Jarrod_Vance"What an awesome, inspirational day! The two other teachers that I was there with and I haven’t stopped talking about the day since lunch on Monday! Amazing! Everyone keeps asking us about the workshop, but we have a hard time saying anything. We can’t do you justice! Awesome job, sir! Thank you for the awesome experience!”

Blaire_H"THANK YOU for being in the business of encouraging teachers to remember why we are who we are. Today was EXACTLY what I needed!!!!!”

PrincetonISD"Just finished the experience of Mr. Bowman’s “Teach Like A Rock Star” for the Princeton ISD’s first day of In-Service Training. As the School Board Vice President, I have not missed the first day since being elected to the board five years ago, and I can truly say: this was “ABSOULTELY AWESOME”! Mr. Bowman, it was an HONOR to be present and hear of your experiences. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes, my heart hurt until I had tears in my eyes ! I left at the end of the day deeply moved and profoundly touched ! I am extremely optomistic that by your presentation there will be at least one person in our district that will reach the child that has been labled “INCORRIGIBLE”. If we can each reach ONE child, we have changed the world!!! I am so PROUD to be associated with the Princeton ISD and all educators. TEACHERS ROCK!!!! THANK YOU FOR CARING FOR OUR KIDS, AND CONTINUE THE GREAT WORK!!!”

Emily_Lyn_McIntyre"Thank you so much for coming to Sam Houston State University yesterday. Your presentation was more than inspiring. I feel so empowered to go change the lives of my students. Your story is incredible…you left me teary-eyed.”

Melanie_Jaehnen"You have me ready to go out and rock the classroom! I have been rejuvenated by what you talked about yesterday and I’m ready to do more for my students! Thanks for coming to Rock Hill, South Carolina!!!!”

Charlotte_Hood_Tharp2"It was an AWESOME day! Tyler teachers and mentors are still rockin’! I have heard nothing but accolades for your presentation on Monday. My concern was if you made it to your flight on time and that Matthew didn’t get pulled over for speeding! Looking forward to seeing you again next year!”


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