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How School Districts Are Successfully Recruiting and Retaining Amazing Educators.

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How School Districts Are Successfully Recruiting and Retaining Amazing Educators

Dear Leader,

Trust me - you're not alone.

District and campus leaders everywhere are having a heck of a time recruiting teachers. It's become a monumental challenge just to find applicants (let alone quality applicants) - not to mention retaining the amazing educators we already have in our classrooms.

If you're old like me 😀, you can probably remember the days when we actually had too many teachers in the hiring pool. Teachers actually had to apply in multiple states to find a job.

Those days are long gone, my friend.

Today, just because you post an opening doesn't mean that droves of teachers are going to magically apply. You have to ask yourself: Why would a teacher decide to apply and interview with our district? (Especially, if you're in a small, rural town.)

If teachers were only looking for "a job", they would solely base their decision on location and money. Well, we all know that location and money are not what touches the heart of a great teacher. The very best teachers come to this career to be a part of a school family where they will have the opportunity to have an impact on the lives of kids. So, that's how we should be recruiting our educators. We should be telling educators NOT just about the job we have open, but instead, about the family they will be joining. We should be providing them with a clear image of what's really happening in the school. And, the best way to tell that story is through simple, authentic video that communicates culture.

The Tell Your Story video is a compilation of strategies that high teacher retention schools and districts use to create and communicate the kind of culture that not only attracts amazing educators to apply, but also ensures they - along with veteran teachers - feel connected and invested in the success of the school family for years to come.

If you you'd like to have a conversation about how it is that just handful of districts are able to inspire LOTS of teachers to apply for the few openings they have available each year, fill out the form and we'll schedule a time to chat.

Talk to you soon,

Hal Bowman

P.S. I know this teacher shortage challenge seems insurmountable. I promise you: It's not. I'll prove it to you. Just fill out the form and we'll talk.

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