Ep 29 | Khaliah Guillory

Episode 29 | Khaliah Guillory

Episode 29

Khaliah Guillory

Khaliah Guillory is on a quest to fuel her passion and fulfill her purpose. At the core, she is a Performance Productivity Expert, Lover of Humanity, and Philanthropist. These are a few words that describe her contribution to the universe.

Buoyed by her passion to inspire others by means of speaking, Khaliah founded KOG & Company (KOG) in 2015. KOG, is a people empowerment platform built to encourage the masses to operate outside of their fears and summon up the unmitigated gall to courageously pursue their purpose and passions in life. As Khaliah uses her voice for life-transformation success, her most thought provoking talks are “Unleash Your Dopeness™, “Diversity Deposits”, and “Mogul in Training”.

Khaliah’s expertise and vast experiences as a leader working for Fortune 500 companies have awarded her Houston’s Next Generation of Leaders Award. This award recognizes professionals who demonstrate leadership within their communities. She graduated from the University of Central Florida, Nicholson School of Communication with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In addition to all of the greatness that has transpired in her favor, 2017 seems to be Khaliah’s year. Khaliah has assumed a pertinent role as an Adjunct Professor in the MBA program at the University of Houston – Downtown and was elected an officer for the Advisory Board of the Texas Diversity Council.

As Khaliah’s destiny is taking flight in more ways than one, her winning personality and candid take on diversity in life have landed her a spot hosting the Startup Master’s Podcast and a contributor for the international media platform, the Huffington Post. Because Khaliah understands that every human being was born with a certain measure of tenacity and strength, her mantra for 2017 is: “Unleash Your Dopeness™” with the intention of inspiring the masses to unlock the greatness inside of them.