Ep 26 | Tristan Tarpley

Episode 26 | Tristan Tarpley

Episode 27

Tristan Tarpley

Tristan Tarpley is the founder of Tarpley Holdings, which includes Market(r), Influenc(r), and Produc(r).

According to Tristan, "When growth-stage businesses look for marketing (product development, advertising, positioning, branding, etc), they typically do 1 of 3 things:

1) Build it in house from day one.
They pool so many resources insourcing that they then don’t have the gas to put into the car, so to speak.

2) They hire their friend that “does marketing.”

3) They hire an agency.
Agencies are kind of like Tylenol. Tylenol is great for its particular use case, but not for all use cases. And you don’t want to take too much Tylenol.

My businesses enable a 4th option:
Playing the role of the vertically-integrated doctor, pharmacy, and radiology department to diagnose, prescribe, and monitor and optimize—at a fraction of the cost."