Ep 22 | Jaime Cunningham

Episode 22 | Jaime Cunningham

Episode 22

Jaime Cunningham

Jaime Cunningham, originally from the thriving metropolis of Ottawa, Illinois, currently serves the students and families of Spring Independent School District as a Youth Service Specialist with Harris County Community Youth Services in Harris County, Texas.

During our time together, you’ll hear Jaime say, “Well, I’m not a teacher.” But, I’ve worked with Jaime for years and I can tell you she is definitely a teacher. No, she may not have a traditional classroom and be responsible for teaching a particular content area, but of thousands upon thousands of educators I’ve met and worked with over the years, she’s at the top of the list.

She’s one of the best.

Listen in as we reminisce about “the good ol’ days,” chat about kids, teaching, and changing lives.