Ep 20 | Cameron Pratto

Episode 20 | Cameron Pratto

Episode 21

Cameron Pratto

Cameron Pratto is a founding member, senior coach and executive director of Urban Movement. Always a mover, Cameron's longest trained discipline throughout the years has been with Yoga.

Having stumbled upon Parkour in mid-2008, the energy and purpose he soon discovered after training with some of the founders of the discipline (Chau Belle, Laurent Piemontesi and Yann Hnautra) became the catalyst for starting Urban Movement with some friends in 2011. He also eventually got to know some of the coaches at Parkour Generations (Dan Edwardes, Chris Rowat and Annty Marais), attended and hosted several of their workshops and certifications. Followed by also training with and learning from the founders of the MovNat Natural Movement Fitness system (Erwan LeCorre and Vic Verdier), Cameron now thrives in a movement lifestyle. He's always training, traveling, teaching and nurturing Urban Movement.

Cameron is ADAPT Level 1 certified and has a dispensation from Parkour Generations to qualify other Level 1 coaches. He's also MovNat Level 3 & MovNat Combatives certified. In addition, Cameron holds a place on the MovNat Certification Team traveling the world teaching their workshops and certifications.