Ep 18 | Steve Satterwhite

Episode 18 | Steve Satterwhite

Episode 18

Steve Satterwhite

Steve Satterwhite is a CEO, leadership consultant, and the author of "Above the Line: How the Golden Rule Rules the Bottom Line" - a riveting entrepreneurial story about how putting people first not only makes a difference in peoples' lives, but boosts revenue and profits. His inspiring and powerful story details the highs and lows of starting, building, and sustaining a company that's built on the simple belief that when you lift individuals up, your company thrives.

Steve is Founder and CEO of Entelligence IT--one of the fastest growing technology service firms in the US. He has been featured in Forbes, Investors Business Daily, CNBC, M World and his manifesto was featured on the front page of Huffington Post. Steve's mission is to bring real, authentic leadership into businesses and organizations around the world. When he's not hatching plans to categorically transform the way leaders lead and company culture is created, he's spending time with his three beautiful children. To book Steve to speak or consult for your organization, visit www.stevesatterwhite.me