Ep 05 | Juan Ito

Episode 05 | Juan Ito

Episode 05

Juan Ito

Juan "Juan Ito" Gill comes to us from Miami-Dade County Schools in Florida.  Juan shares his story starting from his early years growing up in Cuba to today as a 2nd grade teacher at Gulfstream Elementary School.  He teaches at a school with amazing leadership where the cooperative spirit of the staff nurtures a love of learning in their students with the intention of creating productive citizens.  Not only is Juan a Rock Star in the classroom, but outside, as well, as the singer for the band Franklin’s Wheel.  During our time together Juan and I not only talk about kids and teaching, but we even talk about and listen to a song he wrote for one of his student’s who tragically passed away.

For more on Franklin’s Wheel, you can visit their website, or like them on facebook, or download music on iTunes.