Ep 81 | Rebecca Weiner

Episode 81 | Rebecca Weiner

Episode 81

Rebecca Weiner

Rebecca A. Weiner, M.Ed. of Learn Play Grow LLC is a dynamic educator and advocate. As a life long learner, she has earned a master’s degree and completed a residency in Rice University’s School Literacy and Culture program and a fellowship in Leadership Education for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) at the UTHealth.

Rebecca has more than a decade of experience teaching and consulting. She has taught at the Westview School, Rise School of Houston, and the Karol Musher STARS Preschool Intervention Program. In her consulting practice, Rebecca has supported many families, consulted with a variety of private schools, and promoted inclusion in community organizations.

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Website | learnplaygrowconsulting.com
Email | [email protected]

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