Ep 90 | Joe Beckman

Episode 90 | Joe Beckman

Episode 90

Joe Beckman

Human Connection Matters! In 2019 this simple yet incredibly powerful message is arguably the single most important concept for our society to grasp. Joe Beckman speaks to the heart of this message. As a youth speaker for the last 17 years, Joe has shared his energy, humor, authenticity, and message on Human Connection to over 1 million students, educators, and parents. Joe’s message, or maybe better said, the delivery of Joe's message resonates deeply with his audiences. Which is why he's so often told, "dude...you're the best speaker our school has EVER brought in."
~ kid who thought the speaker was going to be dumb

Joe lives in Minneapolis, MN, with his 3 children (Sophia, Finn and Jonah) and incredibly beautiful, patient, kind, patient, loving, and very very patient wife Jess.

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Website | joebeckman.com.

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