Ep 89 | Dr. Shaun Woodly

Episode 89 | Dr. Shaun Woodly

Episode 89

Dr. Shaun Woodly

Dr. Shaun Woodly is a two-time graduate of Hampton University - in 2004, then again in 2005, followed by his Ph.D. in 2014. Shaun has dedicated his professional career to education. He is an author, speaker, and staff development expert who specializes in helping educators absolutely flourish in the classroom. His goal is to challenge the norm of teacher training and services while always informing, inspiring, and motivating. He believes in equipping teachers with the tools to capitalize on their own strengths to perform to their greatest potential and beyond, all in an effort to promote the highest levels of student achievement. He does this with specialized consulting, workshops, services, training, and coaching at the campus and district level in urban and culturally diverse areas.

When asked about his Teach Hustle Inspire brand, Shaun says “It is not just a logo or a saying - it’s an altogether movement! TEACH means to “unlock intellectual treasure”, HUSTLE is about how we “can't stop learning, won't stop learning” and INSPIRE is all about how we “spread love and light”. Although it resonates mostly with educators, truth be told, if you’ve ever mentored, lead, coached, parented, inspired, or motivated someone, you are a teacher - plain and simple!”

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