Episode 87 | Tricia Kiah

Episode 87

Tricia Kiah

Tricia Kiah, teacher and creator of Blackboard Brave, is inspiring educators and teens to have authentic BOLD conversations that shift attitudes,and transform school climate in a safe space.

During her first few years of teaching, she realized pretty quickly that students could not focus in the classroom if they were worried, angry, anxious, depressed, sad, or frustrated. An emotionally charged teen needs an outlet to express these emotions in order to prepare the mind, body, and spirit to learn effectively.

What could be done? She was a teacher? How could she possibly support wounded teens and frustrated teachers at the same time? She needed to be BRAVE.

All healing and awareness within the classroom begins with a simple question: "Where are you today?"

In this brave conversation, students and teachers are tapping into the present moment. They become aware of the distracting thoughts, feelings and emotions. It allows them to uncover hidden judgments and negativity that they may unconsciously bring into the classroom.

It helps students and teachers laser in on the distractions, in order to ZAP them out of their present in order to create space for more positive and powerful energy to grow.

Tricia has been standing at the blackboard for 21 years having BOLD authentic conversations in her safe space classroom.

She has a host of conversation starters as well as self-care ideas to help both students and educators thrive in today's hectic climate.

Are you ready to be brave?

Tricia Kiah nests in a small rural town in Central New York with her flock of 4 and husband, Coard. Her children ages 22, 21, 20 & 18, continue to inspire her content and push her to be bold and brave🦋

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