Ep 69 | Amy Storer & Dyann Wilson

Episode 69 | Amy Storer & Dyann Wilson

Episode 69

Amy Storer &
Dyann Wilson

Amy Storer is an instructional coach and lead technology integration mentor in Montgomery, TX. She loves being an instructional coach and working alongside the wonderful educators of Keenan Elementary School. She is a distinguished educator that encourages and motivates others to reach far beyond the classroom walls to make learning more meaningful and inspiring. She has a true passion for working with other educators and students to empower them to make and foster global connections.

Amy Online:
Website | https://converseintheclassroom.blogspot.com
Email | [email protected]
Twitter | @techamys
Facebook | @techamys
Instagram | @techamys

Dyann Wilson is a crazy counselor who loves her family fiercely and they always come first, and she's a PD loving, SEL learning, school culture addicted, Texas School Counselor Association & Texas Counseling Association advocate and member(everyone needs a professional organization in their life), camping freak with her traveling gypsy family, Jesus loving, kayak krazy (everyone say a prayer that my hubby buys me the Hobie I want), and as of late Texas On Course Fellow for two years being an ambassador for the State of Texas and promoting college and career readiness. Most importantly, Dyann has no respect for punctuation and adores run on sentences.

Dyann Online:
Email | [email protected]
Twitter | @tms_counselor
Facebook | @dyann.carney
Instagram | @wifedupwilson