Ep 67 | Marissa Moretti

Episode 67 | Marissa Moretti

Episode 67

Marissa Moretti

Marissa Moretti is a 4th year PE teacher and an entrepreneur. According to Marissa, "I have a passion for education and working with children. I also have a passion for fitness, health and wellness. I am a single mom to two young boys. We are in active family who plays outside more than they should and is very active in the community with sports, family, and friends. Recently, I took on a new challenge in my life as an Herbalife independent consultant. This gives me the opportunity to not only promote healthy products, but also encourage a healthy lifestyle and living. I am able to help people with resources like workouts, meal plans, product information, and group motivation. Together we are able to embark on a happier and healthier lifestyle journey. In my spare time, I enjoy reading working out six days a week and going to the beach. I also enjoy being very active in our community and I recently started a free FIT Camp at the local park for the summer time."

Contact Marissa:
Website | marissamoretti.goherbalife.com
Email | [email protected]

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Instagram | @Fitteacher_alice207m_