Ep 65 | Lisa Wright

Episode 65 | Lisa Wright

Episode 65

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright is the author of "The Age of Outrage: Strategies for Parents and Educators" and currently serves as a Texas public high school counselor whose career in education began almost three decades ago and includes twenty years as a middle school/junior high and high school teacher. Lisa has observed the changes in students and the educational system brought about by the advent of technology and cell phones, by school district mandates designed to help kids, and by evolving parenting styles, all of which were well-intentioned but have at times resulted in unintended negative consequences. Lisa has witnessed the evolution of schools and the educational system as school shootings have happened again and again. Lisa’s experience over three decades of a changing educational landscape and her research bring a unique perspective to her discussion of modern student and school issues. She addresses those issues head-on while including ways both parents and educators can help their kids/students. Lisa promotes open discussion so that educators and parents can unite to work together to make our schools and our world safer places and our kids more resilient future adults.

Lisa is married to a high school band director; she loves her beagles and cat; and, she plays competitive volleyball... A LOT.

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