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Episode 003 | Mabry Allen


Mabry and I had a GREAT time talking about teaching!  We covered it all – everything from growing up in “small town Texas” to his experience as a 1st year teacher to the amazing work he’s currently doing with his PALs and Teen Leadership classes at Cy-Springs High School in Cypress, Texas.  Mabry even shares some insight into how he creates a loving and supportive family in his classroom. I love hanging out and chatting with educators that are still so FIRED-UP about teaching kids!!



Yvonne Taylor | Episode 002




Yvonne is a remarkable woman – she’s an educator, a writer, an editor, a mentor, a business owner, a mom, and more.  We spent time talking about the teachers that helped her become who she is today as she moved around the globe as part of a military family.  And, we discussed how she is now using her passion for writing as a vehicle for making the world a better place – not just for her readers, but also for those young adults she serves as a writing coach, teacher, and mentor.  Want to learn the ingredients of a world class college application essay?  Trust me, she has the recipe.


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