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Hal Bowman  can see the future, AND he is determined to do all he can to change it for the better, one life at a time. He is certain that schools are the key to a better world down the road. “Every school can be a great school” is his mantra, and it shows in his actions. Most days, you are likely to find him with his shirtsleeves rolled up and doing at least one thing to make it so. He is constantly mulling over the possibilities; designing programs, road maps, and materials to help make it happen. Hal has dedicated his life to helping the nation’s best teachers and schools reach a new level of excellence. Each year, he captivates tens of thousands of students and teachers with his powerful message of hope and what can be. His attitude and demeanor may be unconventional and, at times, unexpected in the historically reserved world of education, but he is real; he is solid; and his deep and genuine compassion for students, teachers, and schools shines through.

All his efforts are making a difference. His Teach Like A Rock Star workshops for educators have been the buzz in the education world for the better part of the last decade, attracting sold out and enthusiastic crowds. Today, his latest program, Hal Bowman’s Be The One, is creating a firestorm of excitement for schools across the nation. These high-energy, 1-day events that take place on campus during a regular instructional day are providing schools with exactly what they have been searching for – profoundly effective tools, strategies, and resources for creating an extraordinary school-wide, learning environment. Don’t think for a moment these events for schools are typical. Far from it, they’re different in every way. As Hal spends the day meeting with administrators, teachers, and students, the school is filled with excitement, energy, and a vision for what can be. They are more like revival meetings that are designed to educate, entertain, and empower everybody in attendance to discover and take the first steps to realizing their true purpose.


According to Hal, “After spending 20 years in the classroom, teaching just about every subject you can imagine to kids in kindergarten through seniors in high school, I have spent the last decade on the road working, studying, and consulting with the very best educators and school leaders across the nation. I’ve compiled a truckload of the absolute best ideas, concepts, and strategies that truly affect school culture. And now, I’m a man on a mission to share everything that I’ve learned.”


As a result, Hal has helped countless students, teachers, and school leaders see the future for what it could be and create a blueprint to make it a reality.


Innovators and visionaries do that. They can’t help but see what’s ahead and shape it. In their minds, the work is never done.


Even with all of the accolades he has received for his Teach Like A Rock Star workshops for educators and the groundswell of excitement as he launches Hal Bowman’s Be The One for schools, he looks with great enthusiasm to the future. “I feel like,” says Hal, “I am just getting started.”



Perhaps it all really began back in Camden, New Jersey when Hal would hear his mother talk every day about how her work as a teacher transformed lives and helped kids reach their expectations when almost no one thought it was possible. “Even at a very young age” he says, “it gave me goose bumps to think about that happening for someone.” He and his family would eventually move to Texas where Hal would finish high school. He would then head off to Lubbock to get his degree in music education from Texas Tech.


If the seeds of what would become Hal’s life’s work were planted back there during those childhood conversations with his mother, they took root and grew exponentially during his next life experience. Shortly after leaving Lubbock he landed a job in Pettus, Texas as a band director. “There were probably just a couple hundred kids total in the junior and senior high schools”, he admits “so everybody knew everybody else, and there was an incredible sense of community and purpose. I had graduated from a large high school and we didn’t have that. I wondered if it was possible to build this kind of environment in the large schools we build today.”


His tireless work through the years has proven that, yes, it can be done. He retired after 20 years in the classroom, most recently in Cy-Fair ISD where he was running groundbreaking student mentoring and leadership programs. In this role, he oversaw a very select group of high school seniors who served as mentors for kids at local elementary and junior high schools. Their goal: to make a lifelong impact on a child. The stories about this program’s work are simply amazing.


Hal has helped them and countless others see the future for what it could be.


Innovators and visionaries do that. They can’t help but see what’s ahead and shape it. In their minds, the work is never done.


Even with all of the accolades he has received for his “Teach Like A Rock Star” workshops for educators, and the groundswell of excitement as he launches “Hal Bowman’s Be The One” for schools, he looks with great enthusiasm to the future. “I feel like”, says Hal, “I am just getting started.”


"I just returned to northern Indiana from your Nashville conference! Wow, I am so excited to go to work tomorrow. Two of our teachers came to your Indy conference this year and 8 of us (front row today) had to come see what we missed. You have had such an impact on our school, as a result of the first two teachers coming to see you! We adjusted some of our discipline practices and are focusing on social connections with our students. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for student success.”


Michelle M. - Rock Star Teacher


"Hal, I just wanted to personally THANK you for your presentation today. It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! You were inspiring, motivating, captivating, and so on! What a blessing! I told my principal today upon returning to school how awesome you were and how much the teachers from our school (Auburndale High School Bloodhounds) enjoyed the day! Thank you again, you made a profound impact on my teaching career, and I give YOU a loud, exuberant standing ovation!! :)”


Allison H. - Rock Star Teacher


"THANK YOU for being in the business of encouraging teachers to remember why we are who we are. Today was EXACTLY what I needed!!!!!”


Blair H. - Rock Star Teacher


"What an awesome, inspirational day! The two other teachers that I was there with and I haven’t stopped talking about the day since lunch on Monday! Amazing! Everyone keeps asking us about the workshop, but we have a hard time saying anything. We can’t do you justice! Awesome job, sir! Thank you for the awesome experience!”


Jarrod V. - Rock Star Teacher

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